What is life without Safety? Who wish to live in Unsafe society? Time has come to defend ourselves. Self Defense is more important than ever please have a look at the incidents below which are shameful. While we cannot eliminate the criminal element completely, we can stand up and defend ourselves. We all have to be united when it comes to personal safety, it can be any of us in trouble.

The Guwahati molestation incident is so cruel and inhumane that it creates a question in our minds that “Whether this Education System is any good at all? Are we not teaching our Boys and Young Adults good enough Ethics, Morals and Values of the Society we live in… Education System should be reformed etc. etc.” It is Time to rethink and rework the whole thing. Statistics say by the year 2017 65-70% of the total Indian population will be Youth and Young(below age 35) It is dreadful to think that we will be living in a dangerous society. It is time to change.


Give me justice, or allow me to end my life, says acid attack victim Sonali Mukherjee “Main bahut himmatwali thi (I had lots of guts)”, she says looking at you with eyes reduced to unseeing opaque white mottled orbs and her once-pretty face a mass of melted flesh. But acid attack victim Sonali Mukherjee is still a fighter, as she battles all odds for justice.
Guwahati molestation: 8 persons still at large – The Hindu Four days after the stripping and molestation of a teenage girl by a gang in full public view in Guwahati, the Assam government on Friday ordered an inquiry into the outrageous incident.


This website is made out of inspiration from one Young Woman named Sakshi Kumar of New Delhi.
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To those who are thinking how is self defense related to justice for women, please understand the two incidents we linked to above shows the victims weakness, unaware of impending danger and complete lack of Self Defense and Confidence is evident in Guwahati incident. Self Defense is important to everyone especially the Girl Children and Young women of India. Please be optimistic and keep defending our freedoms.